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Doodling at Tats Cru HQ

Doodling at Tats Cru HQ

A cutie patotie 7 year old wrote this next to me. I have to say, I was quite inspired.




Visiting the lovely Courtney Wilkes for a much needed girls weekend out of the city.

Alongside the river in Georgetown watching a rowing competition.

Fire Island: Part Deux

So this summer started off right.

2nd year up to Fire Island with Noel. We met up at Columbia and it was a hussle with grabbing wine, and food for the weekend. I met up with Jeremy to pick up some wine, and whiskey (his favorite). Sadly they did not have Virginia gentlemen’s whiskey.

The day turned out pretty warm but I quickly regretted it after we took the ferry over from Bayshore to Dunewood.

As per usual I wanted to go native, and go barefoot on the Island, and my feet turned out vile as per usual.




Cirque d’Hiver

Cirque d'Hiver

Richard Avedon. Enough said. 1955, Dior. Paris.


I just love this photo. How the model moves with the elephants. A perfect juxtapositions between the texture of her dress, and the roughness of their skin. So contained yet so wild. Richard Avedon, while discovering you in Paris, I fell in love with your work.

My Favorite Coffee Spots in NYC

We’re in an “Empire State” of Mind

Ode to Harry Potter & Summer

Remember discovering Harry Potter? I certainly do!

I remember walking into Ms. Walkers 4th grade class and hearing the class bully raving to her about this book “Harry Potter & the Sorcerers Stone”. I didn’t even know he could read. Gasp* But I took his advice, and now 12 years later I have never looked back.

I remember at first having my mother read the first book two books to me before going to bed at night. They were the types of books that you could just never put down. My first grown-up books. Reading Harry Potter was like saying, look at me! I can now read and enjoy a book that isn’t  Cat in the Hat or the Bernstein Bears.

I remember summers at camp and fights with my bunk-mates over precious copies of Harry Potter.I was one of the lucky few to have ordered it online, and usually had it delivered to me in rural Colorado.

I remember walking with my mom through airports, and seeing the book on display in windows, and her making me wait to buy it because it was much too expensive in the airport.

I remember sitting on toilets because I couldn’t put the book down.

I remember the midnight Harry Potter parties at the local Barnes & Nobles, running around with my friends in a cape, wand, and yes, even a Harry Potter tattoo on my forehead.

I remember starting rumors about what happened in Harry Potter.

I remember eating Bertie Botts all you can eat Jelly Beans at 7/11 with my friends, and eating all the disgusting flavored ones, such as booger, & vomit.

I remember waiting for a letter from Hogwarts.

Harry Potter has been such a large influence in my life. The books, and films always came out during the summer holidays. It has been such a fixture in my life, like a visit once a year from a much loved relative.

Summer always meant a bit of Harry Potter magic, and Harry Potter always mean summer time freedom. A reminder during the summer, that this is the time to just let your imagination wander. Now with the last Harry Potter movie coming out, I can’t help but feel a little sad, and maybe a little bit nostalgic. Nostalgic of those moments of magic, and curiosity, and that feeling of never knowing what would come next.

I was babysitting for a little 7 year old boy, who has read all 6 books, and is now starting the 7th one. What a different Harry Potter he has!

I remember Harry Potter as a  companion who joined me, every summer. A Harry Potter, who always had me waiting, always yearning….

This constant yearning reminds me of my literary hero, Jay Gatsby “who “believed in the green light, the orgiastic future that year by year recedes before us…it eluded us then, but that’s no matter—tomorrow we will run faster stretch our arms farther….”

And so with the last of Harry Potter coming to an end for the final movie installment, I hold up a proverbial glass for Harry Potter: “Here is this ode to you, for giving me a childhood where my imagination, excitement, and curiosity never had the misfortune to be quenched.

Productive? Procrastination. 10 things I find myself doing when I should be working.

10. Don’t watch the first two full seasons of any TV show. For me, it’s been Mad Men, and honestly, TV is probably the worst thing to do because of its indefinite end. It doesn’t take up too much of my break time, and while playing solitaire and skipping all the “boring characters” to go straight for the Donald Draper plot lines, I feel great about watching non-stop Mad Men from 9am-5pm while sitting in my university library. Justifying it as somewhat academically stimulating because of the one Marshall McLuhan reference. At least now from my 8hrs of watching TV, I am familiar with the 1950s-60s time period in America…almost as good as reading a history book.

9. Cleaning. And Organizing. From washing the dishes, organizing my desktop, hand washing my delicates (because suddenly I have the time to be cheap and not go to the Laundromat) to needing to set up mouse traps (because I’m paranoid that I have mice). The lure of cleaning and organizing are such productive procrastinators. I have once wasted three hours “organizing” all my clothes which consisted of trying on every article of clothing that I had in my closet, and deliberating on whether I should get rid of it or not.

8. Personal Hygiene: Painting my nails, to toenails. Plucking my eyebrows, practicing my make up, are actually, extreme time wasters. It can be painful plucking your eyebrows painful, time consuming, yet utterly rewarding. Hey! My term paper might not be written, but at least my eyebrow look great?!?!

7. Caffeine runs. Walking to my local coffee shop in Brooklyn. Either Variety or Blue Bottle at Bedford. Both of which require me to primp, because who knows what kind of attractive, intellectual, coffee loving, cutie I can pick up while on my coffee break.

6. Going on a run. Odds are by my 2nd coffee, I am over hyped, and the energy to even sit still becomes impossible. In order to rid myself of this extra energy, the 2mile run around my neighborhood park seems obligatory.

5. Actually going to a library, and getting distracted by every single person that walks past me. And laughing at the guy in the corner who appears to be listening to Justin Biebers new album.

4. Speaking of Justin Bieber. I spent a couple of hours last week catching up on my celebrity gossip, only to see the Biebs and Selena Gomez making out on a beach! WHOA?!?! I thought he was only 12 years old, but the way those two were frolicking on the beach reminded me of some torrid pictures that tabloids usually take of a 40yr old celebrity cheating on his wife with a twenty something year old model on some beach in Italy. Celebrity gossip, or should I say pictures can keep you frozen for HOURS.

Libraries Inspire or Distract me. Not sure which, though :P

3. E-mails, phone calls, messaging, skype calls. Suddenly calling your mother to discuss the pressing issue of “why my neighbors music choice sucks” and how “stressed I am about not getting anything done” is pivotal.

2. Rewatching youtube videos then tweeting them as I watch them. For example, the Bed Intruder Song or the Like its Quidditch Parody are my favorites. With fun hashtags to go along with them such as #AntoineDodson, #HarryPotter, #love, #and #basically #adding #a #hashtag #every #word #that #I #tweet.

1. Basically wasting my time by writing this article for my blog is another activity that I find myself doing when I need an outlet for creative complaining/whining.

Oh New School, you make me smile.

I love the amount of graffiti in my school. The ridiculousness that I can find when coming home from classes. :)