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Fire Island: Part Deux

So this summer started off right.

2nd year up to Fire Island with Noel. We met up at Columbia and it was a hussle with grabbing wine, and food for the weekend. I met up with Jeremy to pick up some wine, and whiskey (his favorite). Sadly they did not have Virginia gentlemen’s whiskey.

The day turned out pretty warm but I quickly regretted it after we took the ferry over from Bayshore to Dunewood.

As per usual I wanted to go native, and go barefoot on the Island, and my feet turned out vile as per usual.


Cirque d’Hiver

Cirque d'Hiver

Richard Avedon. Enough said. 1955, Dior. Paris.


I just love this photo. How the model moves with the elephants. A perfect juxtapositions between the texture of her dress, and the roughness of their skin. So contained yet so wild. Richard Avedon, while discovering you in Paris, I fell in love with your work.

What can I say, I really love HSBC Adverts.

Thesis on my mind. and in my pictures. and in my dreams. and on my walks.

“All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust”


I love those moments when you can dance and follow a balloon.

Beautiful designs by Lisa whose site: where you can view more of her inspiring pictures.