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Fire Island 2015

Meandering Colors & Shapes in Dumbo


Doodling at Tats Cru HQ

Doodling at Tats Cru HQ

A cutie patotie 7 year old wrote this next to me. I have to say, I was quite inspired.




Visiting the lovely Courtney Wilkes for a much needed girls weekend out of the city.

Alongside the river in Georgetown watching a rowing competition.

Fire Island: Part Deux

So this summer started off right.

2nd year up to Fire Island with Noel. We met up at Columbia and it was a hussle with grabbing wine, and food for the weekend. I met up with Jeremy to pick up some wine, and whiskey (his favorite). Sadly they did not have Virginia gentlemen’s whiskey.

The day turned out pretty warm but I quickly regretted it after we took the ferry over from Bayshore to Dunewood.

As per usual I wanted to go native, and go barefoot on the Island, and my feet turned out vile as per usual.




Cirque d’Hiver

Cirque d'Hiver

Richard Avedon. Enough said. 1955, Dior. Paris.


I just love this photo. How the model moves with the elephants. A perfect juxtapositions between the texture of her dress, and the roughness of their skin. So contained yet so wild. Richard Avedon, while discovering you in Paris, I fell in love with your work.