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What I don’t get about Passports.

Yesterday, my Aunt officially became an Australian citizen……after like living there for what, 18years. And it got me thinking about passports and citizenships and how cumbersome they can be, the status that they give you in the world, and how in my experience it does nothing for you personally, emotionally or mentally but can mean everything to the world. So I have compiled a list of 5 things that make passports absolutely retarded.

  1. So why are they like used as things to identify you? I mean I have a Fijian passport, and I would personally say I am the most unFijian person I know. Or like my other family members who have American and New Zealand passports. I mean WHAT ARE THEY? Certainly to me none of the above. Or think about Obama….and the drama of him being born in the States. I mean who really cares?
  2. They are just so stressful. I just spent the past two years living in Paris, and let me tell you being able to apply for a job, leave the country and enter the country without the threat of deportation is so RELAXING. Getting my American passport was very stressful, all I remember while sitting in a post 9/11 immigration office when I was 12 was answering No, I have not committed any grand larceny since entering the country.
  3. Passports are like tickets to a concert or a show. The better passport you have, the closer you can sit to the front, and the worse your passport is…well then you’re in the nosebleed section. It is SO SAD. Have you guys ever imagined what it is like to travel with a passport from a place like….North Korea?!?! I mean, I wish we could travel and live without passports and that I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy.
  4. Those visas that seem to go along with passports. I mean I used to think that I got a passport so that I would not have to deal with paying extra for visas. I can’t even count the times, I have wished I could go to my embassy/consulate/ post office and ask for a refund.
  5. What do you think your passport says about you? Because whenever I look at mine, I really don’t see me.