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Over the summer Meg showed me this awesome video done by Rick Mereki. Need to join in the fun of sharing this lovely video.

Can’t think of anything I would rather do than….move.


Fire Island: Manhattans lesser known weekend getaway.

Honestly summer in New York City is pretty intense. More moving, and less sitting around,  in this heat, I am quite surprised with the amount of things I’ve managed to drag my butt too. BUT, it is all worth it, even if at the end of the day I am covered in a fine layer of sweat. The good thing is: when the week comes to an end, it is quite lovely to make a quick exit up to Fire Island.

From Manhattan you can just hop on the Long Island Rail at Penn Station and make the relaxing 45min journey up Long Island. Once you reach Bayshore Station, there are men waiting to chauffeur the hordes of sundress covered, polo wearing people with beach bags for only $4 to the Ferry dock.

I was a bit nervous about getting lost. But I knew I was going in the right direction, by following all the LL Bean Bags.

The boat ride was gorgeous and just $18 round trip, and I had a fun time spotting my lovely friend Noel and her sister, Anna as they waited for me at the dock.

From then on it was shoes off, as we walked to her beach house. Throughout my stay, the weather was beautiful, we searched for Tina Fey, ate ice cream, and enjoyed beer & mikes hard lemonade on the docks.

Sand was always everywhere, the time seemed nice enough to let me read a book for fun, and at the end of the day it was always liberating to shower outside.

By time I had to leave Noel & her Fire Island Haven, my feet were tough, my skin was darker, and my soul was rejuvenated.

If you had to pick your weekend getaway, where would you go?

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